Works in Progress

My novels and short stories showcase independent young women who grapple with conflicts among world views, within socio-economic structures, or between past and present. Oh, and there’s usually romance, too.

Here are my current works in progress, in descending order of completion:

Isaac Touch - gilded I

The Isaac Touch (a completed 70k YA real world fantasy, now being polished for querying)

Sixteen-year-old Isaac despises his bizarre ability to turn things to gold. He spends his days alone in the lab, searching for a chemical cure. And then he meets Lee, a brilliant, sarcastic slacker-girl with secrets of her own. Together, they decipher clues in ancient artifacts, medieval manuscripts, and even old fairy tales, clues that send them around the world. But they are not alone in their quest – shadowy figures trail them. Isaac is terrified. Can he trust Lee and keep her safe? Most of all, can he trust himself not to touch her?


thorn_snow_smBlackberry Bramble (a completed first draft of my very first novel. 55k MG adventure. I will always love this book, but haven’t returned to revise it yet because of my second novel, The Isaac Touch.)

Clever, rule-abiding thirteen-year-old Asha lives in a secluded, idyllic post-Apocalyptic community. Asha glimpses enticing new worlds and dark histories through the enormous blackberry hedge that surrounds her village. Will she venture beyond?


IMG_3344A Dark and Shiny Place (the beginnings of a NA supernatural novel. I must not work on this right now! It is so alluring I’d never get anything else done.)

Independent, practical Ione moves to a rundown Italian monastery to assist her father, a renowned Light & Space artist. As they transform the crumbling old building into a bright and spare work of art, Ione encounters eerie traces of a former inhabitant. Drawings on walls and echoes in hallways lead Ione to uncover the secrets of Alessandro, a young lay brother who lived in the monastery more than five hundred years before. Ione overcomes her skepticism and follows the clues to a secret chamber, deep within the monastery, where she and Alessandro reach across time to explore questions about art, faith, and eternity.