Joyful Reviews!

Early reviews are rolling in for Joy to the Worlds!


I’m particularly excited about the one by Publishers Weekly, not only because it’s from Publishers Weekly (!), but because, gosh, they said such nice things about my stories.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Eight short stories by four authors glisten with holiday wonder, each one decorated in hues of legend, myth, SF, and quirky, joyful fun…The two standout stories come from G. Clemans: “Escape from Old Yorktown” blends snarky teenagers working for a futuristic living-history museum with secretive politics and galaxy-wide conspiracies, and “Bevel & Turn” dives into familial lore and obsession, crafting a tale of mystery and time travel that’s flecked with the psychology of loss and loneliness…”

“THE TWO STANDOUT STORIES”?! I’m over the moon. The full review can be read here.