Griselda Pollock – Reading and Discussion Questions

Please use this on-line version of Griselda Pollock’s essay, “Modernity and the Spaces of Femininity.”  This version has color images – from the original essay and supplementary sources – that can be clicked on to view more closely.

Pollock – spaces of femininity – Discussion Questions


Depending on the hour, I am a novelist, critic, or art/design historian. I might spend the morning writing about a post-apocalyptic world filled with lightning storms and then dash off to teach the history of Bauhaus. I love the intersections among, and divergences between, these pursuits.

When I teach or write about art and design, I feel like a guide between two worlds, translating visuals into words. It’s not so different when I write fiction; I craft worlds that I hope readers can see as clearly as I can. The processes inform and enrich each other.

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FINAL EXAM: Required Images #3 of 3

FINAL EXAM: Required Images #3 of 3

In Class: Modern Architecture

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# 7A modern architecture

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